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DTI - Donation and Transplantation Institute is a non-profit foundation, whose purpose is to develop training, consultancy and research activities in the field of donation and transplantation with the aim to increase opportunities for access to transplantation.

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An adequate training of health care professional is key aspect to increase the organ donation and transplantation rates. I-DTI objective is to implement an online consultancy platform that allows knowledge exchange between professionals for the purpose of helping solve doubtful donation scenarios and to increase the donors pool.

I-DTI has an important value to support programs for developing countries with limited access to knowledge. Consequently, more patients can have access to transplantation.

Organ donation and Transplantation Consultancy platform

I-DTI is an online consultancy service to exchange knowledge between health care professionals by helping solve doubtful organ and tissue donation and transplantation scenarios.

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Take I-DTI with you anywhere by downloading the app on mobile devices or use the browser version on your PC.

Multiple consultancy areas

Solve your questions about organ, donation, recipient or follow up scenarios.

Direct chat

Chat with an expert or join a group to discuss different topics. Upload files If necessary, provide documents, images or other media files to your consultation.

Your online expert in organ donation and

Improve the access to transplantation to your patients.

I-DTI implementation became an efficient tool to support and advice health care professionals in the field of organ donation and transplantation

24/7 consultancy

Our platform offers a worldwide service with no time difference restriction. We assure total availability to answer urgent questions.

Data protection

Maximum data security. All the communications and data shared in our platform is encrypted fulfilling the international data protection law.

Easy and intuitive

No technology limitations, our platform can be accessed from various browsers or be installed on multiple mobile devices.

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International experts

Our team is composed by a multidisciplinary internationally recognized experts in the area of organ and tissue donation and transplantation.


Create your own group of experts in your geographic area to exchange knowledge.

Big data technology

Our platform includes chat bot technologies to provide to the users answers in a real time.

Learn the basics and start your I-DTI experience
by downloading the guide app.

The experts

Our team will be composed by a multidisciplinary internationally recognized experts in the area of organ and tissue donation and transplantation. The experts linked to the I-DTI tool are key opinion leaders of the countries with high organ donation and transplantation rates. I-DTI will count with experts from worldwide geographic representation.


Become a member

i-DTI offers a place to connect, collaborate, and exchange knowledge between health care professionals related organ donation and transplantation. As a member you can access and interact will thousands of like-minded members from around the world — we have members from over 101 countries already!

Due to the current pandemic, we are offering free available to support to our community.

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